ZAR Entertainment is a fully integrated, new age media company specializing in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment. Our debut entities are media studios Gangster Chronicles and AHR Visions. Under the ZAR umbrella, each studio generates its own unique line of high quality brands, including filmed entertainment and publishing.  Both studios utilize the highest levels of innovation and creativity in combination with the latest available technologies, to produce the most diverse assortment of entertainment projects you will find under one roof.

  Gangster Chronicles is completely unique in its production of movies, books, blogs, and various other forms of media specifically intended to high-light the treachery, intrigue and social consequence of major criminal underworld activity. Gangster Chronicles owns the story rights to some of the most notorious gangsters and crime bosses of our time- each project narrating the true-life stories of men whose identities have often been impersonated by mainstream popular music industry artists. GC is also proud to present poignant productions like “Black August”, a socially conscience documentary on the plight of political prisoners detained during the Black Panther movement.

   With frequently updated content and news of criminal activity around the globe, Gangster Chronicles offers fans an entertaining, educational and rare inside view of a brutal culture… typically cloaked in silence and mystery.


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  AHR Visions features a visually stunning variation of pop-culture properties within the comic book world. AHR breathes new life into the industry with a diverse, bad- ass breed of superheroes and villains through high intensity story lines and awe inspiring digital art. Current projects like The 8, Black Rose and Rebirth are cutting edge in their conceptualization, and precise in their presentation. The brainchild of Marvel-distributed series contributor Abdul H. Rashid, AHR Visions is ahead of the digital comic curve- offering comic culture fans fresh alternatives to traditional material, while maintaining industry integrity.