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Corporate Overview
Founded: 2010
  ZAR Entertainment is a new age entertainment enterprise, specializing in offering consumers a diverse assortment of content across all media. Our innovative collection of brands serves the growing masses of tech savvy viewers, listeners and readers seeking an alternative to typical entertainment options. Across the entertainment industry, ZAR Entertainment Media House promotes a world-class level of diversified projects to provide something for everyone.  Our people are all highly creative, innovative and committed to delivering the most forward thinking product on the market.

Foundational Association

  Kidz at Risk is a completely privately funded, non-profit organization- explicitly focused on improving the lives of children whose parents are currently incarcerated. This effort is motivated by the increasingly overwhelming need for such a project. In fact, one of every one hundred American adults is serving time in the penal system- and of these inmates, approximately 59% are parents of children under the age of 18. With the average age of these children being 8 years, the need for Kidz at Risk is truly urgent.  ZAR Entertainment is committed to social responsibility and supports this program and the children it services by donating proceeds from our entities.

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